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Bike by bike

New site

This is about the tenth version of my personal site I have designed and launched since 1996. Now I no longer have to design sites for a living I find it's a fun hobby ;-)

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Bike by bike - final post

After 25 bikes and 6 interludes I am finally done telling the story of all the bikes I have ever owned. My final 'coda' piece is just live, and tries to sum it all up. I am going to edit them all down to a single PDF now - if you want to get a copy then enter your email address at the bottom of the page...

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This is some sample
of a a poem that you might
read on a foreign field


My Inner Orc

Dark obsessions, kidnapping and magic at a LOTR convention
Pleasance, London

Fond Love & Kisses

WWII Drama
Downstage, NZ


Black comedy of manners
La Mama, Aust

Vampyre dances

Epic historic satire
Circa, NZ
More plays & other projects
Writing on...


The art of being a middle aged white guy - when to shut up, when to speak.

Given the current climate of a resurgent right, I think that simply speaking in an open, tolerant and compassionate way is a minor form of resistance. Too many men just say nothing because 'that's the way it is'. So heart on sleeve and not being complicit through too much silence, that's a start.

Mostly casual writing about things I like - like cycling and writing itself. And a repository of projects from over the years - this bit is entirely for my own edification.

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