Paranoia and passion at a Lord of the Rings convention in Croydon

Pleasance, London
A black comedy of manners

Lamama Theatre, Melbourne
The trouble starts when they come home

Downstage, Wellington
A Victorian Sci-fi Vampyre epic about land rights and colonialism

Circa Theatre, Wellington

Digital works

Back when the internet was new and exciting (late 1990s) I wrote a number of hypertext pieces. Here are the highlights.

A thread

Hypertext piece; won Country Road Hypertext award 1998

The Casino Project

Hypertext project; won Swinburne University Postgrad award across all schools, 1997
Other dramas
Ride on time - A cycle courier has to get sperm across town on the hottest day of the year, RadioNZ, CBC, 2000

Ngawi - Two writers mix business and displeasure while trying to write a grity thriller set in a finshing town, Radio NZ, 1995

Taking a bath - Guilt and Camus, an existential short, NZ Film festival short, 12 mins, 16mm, 1995