The ACME winter series
February 2018
A piece of doggerel written in response to a challenge...

Let me take you on a woeful journey

   though 'tis not very far

That goes past lovely airport yonder

   via the three compasses bar.

Some will complete a geared one hundred

   within five rounds of sixty

While others will self-flagellate

   atop a rusty fixie.

Even more will dawdle and fill with beer

   a tun or two of fond delay

And thus will struggle to complete

   while still it reigns as day.

The sad completeists will do the required

   and ride to it to and fro

While others will simply take fond hope

   the trails be free of snow.

Sad, it's not even the day of Christmas

   or even very near it yet

It's barely the beginning of the month

   in which that day is set.

At one hundred clicks or thereabouts

   'tis not even worth a solitary point

for that would severely put the audax committee's

   noses out of joint.

So why oh why do we bother

   to make this journey short

When all around us in slumbers

   our partners snore and snort?

For high! 'Twill be fun (type two)

   and good cheer without bound

That doth accompany us upon

   our drear and pointless round.

So see you there good riding friends!

   See you in the 'spoons

You merry band of gentlefolk

   You craz'ed cycling loons.